The new act of love


Jesus, Mary, I love You!
Save the souls of the priests, save souls.
We beseech you:
Grant us to repeat this Act of Love a THOUSAND times,
with our every breath, with our every heartbeat.

The Holy Family

Already then Jesus had united to that act of love the following promise: “Every act of love is a soul.”

With the new Act of Love, given to Justine Klotz, a german blessed soul, Jesus now asks us to pray this, while USING the word THOUSAND, and promises the salvation not only of one but of a thousand souls!  A thousand at every breath, at every heartbeat.

This is why Jesus defines this prayer a “nuclear part without equal…  always begin the day like this and never call it otherwise!… I give you the word “thousand… It has never been this way!  It is a gift of love of my divine soul… Everyone is called to make this ACT OF LOVE.  This is why it has to be spread and let be spread.  It will become a giant flame, I promise you.  Start with courage and always include the word “THOUSAND”!  You cannot imagine what you bring about with this …

They are my words. I wrote them into your heart.”

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